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Do you need cover art?

I've received some nice feedback on the design of the site and I'm glad people like it. The background image used throughout the site I have to thank Martin Fisch for. He takes some lovely photos as you can see on his profile. The photo used in the background is this one.

He has let me know that his creative commons work is free and he'll be happy if any musician wants to use his work. Whether you're a Block Label artist or not, if there's anybody who would like to use one of them as their cover art they're free to do so.

Give credit where credit is due and send him a quick message to thank him if you do so - it's always nice to know when one's work has been appreciated.

Here's a few from his collection:

Check out the rest of his work here.

Top Song of the Week (5)

Summary: October 2015

  • Our first proper month is done and we've had a couple of great releases from EDM artists ZeroGravity and Random Assault.
  • The official announcement for Fan Tokens merged mining was delayed – we hope to bring you some good news on this soon.

I would like to give an extra big thank you to ZeroGravity who was brave enough to take the first step in joining us. The concept of tokens and the idea of utilizing blockchain tech is relatively new for most people. Yet, he has taken to it with enthusiasm. Tusen takk!

The numbers are in and payouts have been made for October

I've decided to void any expenses until further notice. With expenses out of the equation we can base the payouts solely on the actual number of units sold (for more info read this previous blog post). We're looking into sponsorships so this can always be the case. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor give me a shout at:

As for figuring out the correct sum BTC, we need to have a good routine on how this is set up in the future. For now, I've used the price from when doing the calculations. Here's the screenshot:

This is an okay solution for now since the figure is small, however, when we're dealing with larger amounts we need to prove the correct conversion rate. Both artists and fans have to be certain that we're purchasing BTC at said price. This is very important! Why? E.g. we could state one price, buy at a lower price and pocket the difference.

Here's the spreadsheet of the calculations. Double check it!

Here's the artists' payout transaction on the blockchain.

Here's the fans' payout transaction on the blockchain.  

Top Song of the Week (4)

World's First

Music consumption has changed rapidly throughout the years. From the time we first got recorded music on vinyl to today's streaming services we've had: radio, cassette, CD, and mp3. All of them at some point being a platform for how the majority consumed music.

While there's ongoing debates about payments for streaming music sales, it's undeniable that streaming has opened up a whole new way for music lovers to discover music and for artists to reach a wider audience.

That's why Block Label artists are the first to have their bitcoin address in the metadata on major services. Now listeners have the opportunity to give something extra directly to the artist. You'll also see Block Label artists with their bitcoin address on the cover art. If you enjoy their song, scan that QR-code and send them some bitcoin love. How many times have you come across a song and thought: “Wow, this is amazing!”?

If you're unable to scan the code, you can copy their bitcoin address from the copyright line (see example from TIDAL below). Note: Spotify currently uses Flash, so it's not possible to copy anything. Neither do they have an option to show a bigger picture of the cover art.


Top Song of the Week (2)  

This week's 100 Fan Tokens goes to ZeroGravity! Again for his track “Diamond”.

Top Song of the Week (1)

Every week the song that has the most plays receives 100 Fan Tokens.

Congratulations to ZeroGravity! His track Diamond was the most played this week.

Want to send him some tips? Just scan the QR on the cover.


*Notice: The Fan Token distribution amount has changed from what was originally announced. This also applies to the upcoming Fan Token distributions that will happen together with foldingcoin.