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Introducing: Teez

Teez is a 19 year old rapper from Norway that has been writing his own songs since the age of 7.  Debuting onstage at the age of 9, Teez has been producing songs his entire youth. His love to perform combined with his intense dedication resulting in over a hundred songs and dozens of performances - Teez is ready to release some of his art.   

Introducing: Sedika


Sedika who did the remix of ZeroGravity's song "Diamond" is out with his own track!
Relatively new to the scene he uses music to express his feelings, something he's been doing since spring of last year. It'll be exciting to see what the future holds for him.  

Introducing: WatterBoy


Hailing from the lyrical land of Los Angeles, WatterBoy continues to defy the mainstream status quo. He has quickly earned the reputation of being the supreme provider of mentally stimulating Hip-Hop music, catered towards non-brainwashed minds. Able to adapt to any conditions... Free refills in a drought!