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Update on FANTOKEN for folders

Due to issues surrounding distributions of FANTOKEN to folders, we're going to do this in a different manner going forward. We're halting the way things are done at the moment, my apologies if you have been folding since January for the sole purpose to receive FANTOKEN.

However, all is not lost! Folders will still have the chance to receive FANTOKEN. We'll give some away randomly to 10 folders every month. If you participated in folding this month see here.


I'm pleased to announce that from next week you'll be able to start earning fan tokens!

This is all thanks to the guys over at foldingcoin. From the 1st of October you can receive both foldingcoin and fan tokens when solving computational problems related to protein folding research.

To make sure you're ready for launch start “folding” today. Head over to foldingcoin's home page to learn more:

I also want to take this opportunity to give an extra thank you to Robert. He's been very helpful! Robert's given some good advice and constructive criticism which have all made Block Label better.

Check out some of the other projects he's heading:

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