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What if it was profitable for The Pirate Bay when you listen to music on Spotify?

That was a weird statement, huh?

I did the following at first because it was something that made me laugh, but then again it wasn't all that silly either...I think.

The Block Label project involves music and tokens. “What are these tokens you speak of?” you might ask. Well, I won't go into the technical details and bore everybody. There are other people and some googling that can explain it way better. But to keep it simple, a token here is kind of like a certificate I can send to you over the internet. This is done using the Bitcoin network and a protocol called Counterparty. A bitcoin address is unique, like your email address is unique. As a comparison, a bitcoin address can receive tokens, just like your emails can have attachments (PDF, mp3 etc) in them.

Basically, musicians get some tokens when they join our project. Others have also received these tokens by answering quizzes I've posted on a couple of sites. These tokens represent a portion of our profits, if or when there ever is one. In other words, if there's a profit we can send bitcoin to the token holders.

When I've held the mentioned quizzes on Reddit there were several users that got the quiz right, however, none who were interested in the prize. To put it into their words “they didn't have a bitcoin account”. Even with my delightful explanation that it's as simple as downloading an app, it just seemed like a bit too much bother. But all in all they enjoyed the trivia. One user said I could donate the prize to charity, so that's what I've done.

There are several projects out there that accepts bitcoin donations. The projects I've chosen to send tokens to are ones that have a static donation address on their site:

The Pirate Bay
VideoLan (VLC)
The Water Project

25 tokens were sent to each of them. We can all double check that it's been sent which is nice.

So, the next time you add one of our songs to your playlist you'll know that The Pirate Bay might be getting a tiny bit of that streaming revenue. Pretty cool! Or maybe kind of messed up?  


We're making some changes to the site and will do a complete overhaul of how things will work going forward.

It has been a good learning period to see what works and what doesn't, it's an experiment and it will still be an experiment, but now we want to improve on what we have started. We're going back to the drawing board and hopefully we'll come out better, wiser and stronger.