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December and January summary

Since November of last year the bitcoin blockchain has been quite congested due to its popularity. Transactions with minimal fees have not gone through, meaning nobody has got FANTOKEN over the last few months. Because of this I've actively been nonactive, forum threads have not been updated and everything has been a little quiet. We can't have people signing up, whether it's an artist or a street team member, and having them wait several weeks or months for their tokens. Even though in our case it doesn't really matter when the tokens arrive, it's still an awful user experience having to wait so long. 

Our last transaction went through the other day, it took 2 months and 29 days to go on chain. This was a dividend transaction. It was meant to be a celebratory transaction of us hitting over 1000 streams within a day.

With the challenges mentioned above and the fact that nobody has received any tokens from us these past few months I'm a little surprised to see these numbers.

Total streams for the month of December: 27 907

Highest amount of streams in a day: 1 404

Total streams for the month of January: 22 345

Highest amount of streams in a day: 1 224