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October Summary

When we began with the Street Team 2.0 a few months back I also started a thread on the bitcointalk forum. There I've posted a summary at the end of each month with how many streams we received. The same info will be posted here as well from now on.

Last month was our best month so far. After starting the thread on bitcointalk there seems to be some better understanding what the project is all about and what FANTOKEN is good for. Remember it's all still in its infancy, and even on bitcointalk I've received PMs with questions surrounding tokens.

The knowledge between artists on Block Label can also improve as I've yet to witness an artist share FANTOKEN with anybody, the exception being Jack. With the latest update to Counterparty hopefully more people will start sharing. Now you can send a token for roughly 250 satoshis when using minimal fees, in bitcoin that's 0.00000250 BTC. 

- Will H

Total streams for the month of October: 1̶7̶2̶5̶6̶  18555

Even though the devil seems to be using Apple Music, it's our best month so far and we've also set a new daily record of 1̶3̶6̶5̶  1614 streams. Yay!

CORRECTION EDIT 08/11-2017: The statistics we receive are based on trend reports which are unofficial sales data. They have some lag time and can be somewhat delayed. The numbers above have been corrected.