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What marketing budget? Our concept is the marketing budget...


There's been some updates to the site and how we do tokens. We need to simplify and will focus on utilizing only one token. From next month (February 2016) FANTOKEN will be awarded to the top 3 tracks every week.

Here's a few reasons behind the decision:

1. There is a “dust limit” when making bitcoin payouts to tokens. This is a required minimum quantity that needs to be sent to an address (0.00005500 bitcoin).

Now with 90% of profits going to FANTOKEN, more people are likely to receive a payout.

2. Some artists would like to release as many tracks as possible. Now they can do that.

3. Some artists just want their track on Spotify/iTunes and don't want to deal with bitcoin. Last month we had a release by Team96 who donated a track to us. Donated tracks will now reward folders more than previously.

Hopefully this makes it easier for newcomers to grasp what we're trying to do here. We can always revert back to the way things were or change things along the way. As always, our approach is to see what works and what doesn't.

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Will H