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Yesterday I Said Tomorrow

This post was edited on 22 Sept. 2015

My plan was to have the site done for public viewing at the end of the month. I just went through the site, and I might be forgetting something, but everything is good to go... 

The site is now open. Yay!

The only exception is how we'll proceed with Fan Tokens. What's written on the Fan Token page is the preferred method of how these tokens will originally be distributed. It's a great way to combine fair distribution and computational research, but first we need a green light from the guys over at Foldingcoin Inc. Actually, they have yet to be informed about it. After this blog post is posted I'll be sending an email to Robert

I do see this as an opportunity for both parties to add value to their name and concept. I've already stated some of the advantages on the Fan Token page. What I didn't mention is trust, something that seems to be lacking in the crypto space. Which is kind of a strange thing to say because the main aspect of blockchain tech is the trustless trust-minimizing nature of the system.

I look forward to their reply, thoughts on the subject, and any suggestions they may have.


Will H