Block Label

What marketing budget? Our concept is the marketing budget...

Once a week

The site hasn't officially been announced anywhere and I've yet to map the correct domain to the site. So, blog posts probably don't make much sense at the moment. It might however be interesting in the future to see what I was up to. An update every week is something I will try to post when Block Label goes live, I might as well get into the habit of doing so now.

What's taking time?

The site design and layout are more or less done. I want to keep things simple but also have a satisfying amount of information for the visitor. Context is important and the premise behind Block Label is very simple! However, because we'll use blockchain tech which can sometimes be confusing, conveying Block Label's simplicity without having too much overwhelming information is important. I guess that applies to anything, it's like saying:

A car is a transportation device that gets you from one place to another.


A car is composed of several parts, the main part usually a combustion or electric engine which has a crankshaft that makes a circular motion when the engine creates energy. This motion is transferred to the wheels of the car by a driveshaft, this makes the car go forward or backwards... get the picture.


It's taking more time than I would like; I'm more of a lousy musician than an amazing writer after all. I've gone a bit back and forth, but I'm happy with the general feel of the site and how things are coming along.


Until next week,

Will H