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World's First

Music consumption has changed rapidly throughout the years. From the time we first got recorded music on vinyl to today's streaming services we've had: radio, cassette, CD, and mp3. All of them at some point being a platform for how the majority consumed music.

While there's ongoing debates about payments for streaming music sales, it's undeniable that streaming has opened up a whole new way for music lovers to discover music and for artists to reach a wider audience.

That's why Block Label artists are the first to have their bitcoin address in the metadata on major services. Now listeners have the opportunity to give something extra directly to the artist. You'll also see Block Label artists with their bitcoin address on the cover art. If you enjoy their song, scan that QR-code and send them some bitcoin love. How many times have you come across a song and thought: “Wow, this is amazing!”?

If you're unable to scan the code, you can copy their bitcoin address from the copyright line (see example from TIDAL below). Note: Spotify currently uses Flash, so it's not possible to copy anything. Neither do they have an option to show a bigger picture of the cover art.


Top Song of the Week (2)  

This week's 100 Fan Tokens goes to ZeroGravity! Again for his track “Diamond”.