Block Label

What marketing budget? Our concept is the marketing budget...


It's been very quiet here at Block Label for way too long. We've basically stopped adding new artists to the roster as there are several things that need addressing. The fact that the majority of artists seem to have lost access to their private keys and tokens is a problem. One of the main points of the project is for artists to get paid. While we never managed to get enough streams and downloads for that to happen, if we were to to turn things around the artists without their tokens would still get nothing. That isn't good.

So, we're going on a hiatus and will be retiring tokens for now. We'll be looking at other open blockchains to see if there is a protocol that fulfills our token needs. (Don't throw away your FANTOKEN just yet. Maybe we can use them in the future for something)

Some of our artists will stay on and there might be a few releases from them. But otherwise there will be little happening until we have something that ticks all the boxes.

If you have a suggestion or recommendation for a blockchain project we should check out, let us know below:

Last but not least. I would like to thank everybody for participating in a somewhat failed experiment. We learnt from it and hopefully can come back with something better. Your time, effort and work is greatly appreciated!

- Will H