Block Label

What marketing budget? Our concept is the marketing budget...

Block Label is an experiment for musicians and fans using bitcoin and tokens as the payment method

What is Block Label?

We're an independent DIY project using blockchain technology to create leverage and bring more listeners to our artists.

Blockchain tech? What are you talking about?

“The Blockchain” often referred as the underlying technology of bitcoin.

We utilize the blockchain to give artists and fans ownership of profits by using the Counterparty protocol. Artists and fans receive “FANTOKEN” (a token that represents a share of profits) which works as a tool for artists and fans to receive their payment over the Bitcoin network.

How do I receive “tokens”?

Artists uploading their tracks are required to enter their “bitcoin address”. Once their tracks go live, tokens are sent to this address.

Bitcoin addresses are generated on a bitcoin wallet, there are many bitcoin wallets to choose from.

Any bitcoin address can receive a token, but if you plan on sending tokens to other addresses you'll have to use Counterwallet or IndieSquare Wallet.

How long does it take for my release to go live after upload?

After we confirm everything with your upload is okay, your tracks should be live within two (2) weeks. Delays may occur.

Can I keep selling my music on my site or sites like Bandcamp?


You are free to sell your music anywhere with the exception of services we release them on. These services are:

  • Amazon
  • Deezer
  • Google Play
  • iTunes / Apple Music
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • YouTube Music

You can still have the same tracks on different releases. E.g. you can release a single through Block Label and have that same track on an album released through another partner.

Do I keep the rights to my music?

Yes, of course! It's your music!

By uploading your content you grant us a non-exclusive license to distribute your music.

What genre of music do you release?

We only release polka infused jazzmetal...

Just kidding, we're genre neutral!

What are the prices? I can't find the pricing page!

That's because we don't have one. Nobody is subject to any fees to upload their content, it's free!

By uploading your content to us and being part of Block Label's concept you're already sending something of value; your music!

Get started with tokens



Download and install IndieSquare wallet for Android or iPhone.


Profits, revenue, costs, donations

90% of profits are shared amongst FANTOKEN holders.

Total profits: Are the sum of revenue after the subtraction of costs (Total profits = Revenue - Costs)

Revenue: Our main income will come from streams and downloads.

This is the amount our aggregator[s] pays us.

Costs: Are the expenses and costs of running the site (

This consists mainly of the technical aspects of running the site, e.g. hosting and domain costs. Block Label's labour hours will not be included in the costs.

Donations: Any donations of currency or tokens may be used for promotional purposes, e.g. give-aways and contests.

FANTOKEN distributions

New artists on Block Label will receive 250 FANTOKEN with the opportunity to earn extra tokens as they release more songs. An announcement will be made in the future with more info.

There will be give-aways and contests with FANTOKEN as a prize.

Retraction; takedown of your content from services

Please send instructions for takedowns to from the email you registered with us when uploading.

IMPORTANT! If you have received tokens for any of the tracks you'll have to send them back from the same address you received them.

Once we receive the tokens we'll send in a request for takedown.

We are not liable or responsible for the time it takes third party services to finalize a takedown.

File formats

Please make sure your files meet the following requirements before uploading you content:


  • WAV file
  • 16 or 24 bits per sample
  • Minimum samplerate 44.1 kHz

Cover art:

  • Minimum dimensions 1400x1400 pixels
  • Max 8MB
  • Aspect ratio 1:1
  • JPEG with .jpg extension


Block Label promotes both artists and innovative new technologies. We are asking you; artist or fan, to become a pioneer with your contributions. There are no guarantees or promises of monetary earnings; we certainly aren't claiming you will get rich being part of Block Label. We are, however, aiming for success and welcome anybody to join the journey with us!